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emCORE r859 was released on January 2nd, 2012.

Release notes / Known issues

  • iPod Classic (thin models): Upgrading from emCORE builds before r836 will reformat the hard drive. Rockbox versions before r31455 are incompatible with the new format.
  • iPod Classic (thick 160GB): If you're using a Rockbox version before r30908, you will need to update Rockbox by booting the fallback image (Tools => Rockbox fallback image) to make the LCD work again.
  • The display doesn't work on some iPod Nano 2G devices. If this happens to you, we suggest to stick with iLoader for now.
  • Reducing the CPU core voltage on the iPod Classic has been disabled. Battery life might be adversely affected.
  • There are still some Rockbox USB stability issues. In most cases, replugging/rebooting the iPod helps. This might be fixed in future Rockbox releases.

Fixes / Improvements

  • Includes Rockbox release 3.10 (iPod Nano 2G) / build r31516 (iPod Classic).
  • Lots of internal improvements and bug fixes.
  • iPod Classic: USB stability improvements. This release should work on devices which previously needed the "usbfixcandidate" build.
  • "fastboot" has been integrated into the boot menu. DO NOT USE ANY ADDITIONAL FASTBOOT APPLICATIONS (from older releases)!
  • The boot menu is now configurable (default boot option, timeouts, fastboot, backlight brightness, ...).
  • Support for boot menu themes on the data partition has been added (winter theme included).
  • iPod Classic: HDD data endianness has been fixed.
  • emCORE applications can now have command line arguments.
  • emCORE kernel memory size has been reduced.
  • emCORE LCD driver performance has been improved
  • iPod Classic: Use all 262144 colors of the LCD, not just 65536.
  • iPod Nano 2G: Fix LCD not being cleared properly on shutdown in certain situations.
  • Fix wrong maximum packet sizes in USB descriptors.



The fastboot app is discontinued, and its functionality is integrated in the boot menu.

Fastboot's functionality is located in the Tools->Settings->Fastboot action menu.

DO NOT attempt to install any fastboot apps!

iPod Nano 2G


iPod Classic