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There are various ways to contact the freemyipod team.

Please do not contact us about any iOS device like iPod touch. We don't do anything with them nor can we help you with anything on these devices.


We have an IRC channel on Libera.

IRC logs are available, please check for the logfiles. They might not be up-to-date, and automatic sync is planned.

If you have questions about rockbox that are not iPod related, please look for support at and if you happen to have any question related to the original iPod firmware please ask elsewhere.


The IRC channel above is bridged to on Matrix.


While not an official channel for support, you can find others interested in iPod Nano/Classic development in the iPod Nano Hacking discord server.

Mailing lists

We used to have mailing lists, but they are not operational anymore.


We used to have individual mailboxes for project members, but they are not operational anymore.