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Warning The information and/or topic discussed here is not up to date.

emCORE has been abandoned. Bootloader duties are now handled by U-Boot. The target OS is likely going to be Rockbox and/or Linux.

emCORE kernel

emCORE is a lightweight alternative operating system for iPods (and possibly other devices one day).


  • Preemptive multitasking
  • Can run multiple independent apps at the same time
  • Shared library support
  • USB debugging API
  • FAT32 file system access
  • LCD text console and graphics API
  • Can run other kernels (such as Rockbox) through a kexec-like interface
  • ~75KB executable size, ~110KB RAM usage (plus LCD frame buffer)

emCORE boot menu

When emCORE is installed, the emCORE boot menu is installed as the default autostart app. Depending on the device it offers various boot options.

emCORE fastboot

Fastboot was an emCORE application that was used to launch Rockbox or OF instantly when the iPod turns on. It is now discontinued, and its functionality is moved to the Boot menu.


emCOREFS is a filesystem wrapper around emCORE's Monitor Protocol that uses libusb 1.0 to connect to a device running emCORE and FUSE to mount its storage in a directory.

Installation instructions

There's an installation wizard available on this page.

Uninstallation instructions

There's an uninstallation wizard available on this page.