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emCORE r674 was released on March 25th, 2011

Release notes / Known issues

  • This is the first public release, so please be aware that there might be a bunch of still unknown bugs in the wild.
  • The boot menu occasionally locks up due to a combination of a kernel bug and a libUI bug. Rebooting the iPod the hard way by holding the menu and select buttons for 5 seconds should help.
  • The display doesn't work on some iPod Nano 2G devices. If this happens to you, we suggest to stick with iLoader for now.
  • This release reduces the CPU core voltage to conserve battery power, but apparently by a bit too much for some iPod Classic devices, causing all kinds of weird behavior. This was disabled in the r692 release, so please update if you suspect that you're affected by this.
  • We found a kernel bug in this release that causes lockups when injecting a firmware image while the boot menu is updating the display. This should not affect normal users.
  • There's a small number of iPod Classic devices where USB doesn't work unless the device was booted through DFU.

Fixes / Improvements




iPod Nano 2G


iPod Classic