EmCORE Installation/iPodClassic/UMSboot

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Warning The information and/or topic discussed here is not up to date.

emCORE on iPod Classic is DEPRECATED, please use the Rockbox bootloader instead.

  • Download the "installer-ipodclassic.ubi" file from the emCORE Releases page
  • Save it to the 64MB-sized "UMSboot" volume
  • If you are using Windows, open Windows Explorer and right-click on the drive, then select Eject (as shown on this screenshot)
    Ejecting the drive from the system tray icon will not work
  • If you are using Linux, eject the drive using the eject command
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

If everything worked right, you should now see the emCORE boot menu. If not, please ask for support.

  • Choose the "Rockbox" option
  • Wait for Rockbox to boot (Complaints about the rockbox.ipod file being missing are normal at this point.)

Even though Rockbox starts, the installation is not complete yet. Continue reading and following the instructions to the end of the page!

  • Wait for the iPod's hard disk drive to connect and become accessible
  • Download and run Rockbox Utility
  • In the configuration dialog, select your iPod's location, then tick the Show disabled targets checkbox
  • Select Apple -> Ipod Classic (6th gen) from the list of players
  • Proceed with the installation of the Development version of Rockbox, as shown in the guide
  • (Optional) If you want to be able to upgrade Rockbox easily, choose File -> Install Rockbox Utility on player. This will copy Rockbox Utility to the root folder of your iPod, so you can run it straight from your player's hard disk later.
  • Safely eject (or unmount on Linux) your iPod's hard disk drive
  • Disconnect your iPod from your PC
  • Wait for Rockbox to return to the main menu (may take around half a minute)
  • Shut down Rockbox by holding the play button for several seconds

Congratulations, you have successfully installed emCORE and Rockbox!

If you don't want to see the bootmenu every time you power on your iPod, you can use Tools -> Settings -> Fastboot action to set a default boot option (e.g. Rockbox)