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My name is Vencislav Atanasov. I am from Bulgaria. I enjoy writing pieces of software, mainly to improve my experience and knowledge. I own some iPods - a Nano 2G, a Nano 3G, a Nano 4G and a Classic 2G.

I am providing the project with iPod Nano 2G and iPod classic emCORE installer builds, which are not suitable for everyday use, but if you feel adventurous, you can try them on your device. Detailed instruction on how to do this are available in the wiki. The binaries can be found at

I am also working on a project that would provide easy access to iPod's internal storage using emCORE's monitor protocol, libusb and FUSE. It is working somehow, but it's still incomplete and needs to be optimised. If you are curious about my current progress, you can check it out at the SVN

I would be happy to help anyone who has issues with his emCORE installation. Please ask in the support IRC channel, and if I am available, I'll try to answer your question.