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This is the wiki for the freemyipod project. Freemyipod is a project for reverse-engineering iPods with clickwheel (no iOS devices) and creating tools and documentation so that other people can port alternative firmwares to them such as rockbox or Linux. Freemyipod is a relaunch of Linux4nano.


What can I do with my iPod Nano 2, iPod Classic or older iPods?

There's an upstream Rockbox port for these devices. Go use that.

What can I do with my iPod Nano 3/4/5?

Not much (yet) unless you're an embedded developer :).

We have a stable tethered exploit (wInd3x) which allows early, untethered and safe (no permanent modification) code execution on Nano 3G-5G. This in turn allows you to run U-Boot and an early Linux port or experiment with reverse-engineering/modifying the original firmware, OSOS.

There's a set of earlier tooling (emCORE/emBIOS/iBugger) which was exploiting other vulnerabilities and was a lead-up to a port of Rockbox, but it's mostly abandoned.

What can I do with my iPod Nano 6/7?

Nothing, other than helping us find vulnerabilities to get code execution on them.

Getting an account

Due to spambots, registration is closed. For an account contact User890104 or q3k.


  • 2023-01-07 - A preliminary U-Boot port to the Nano 5G has been developed.
  • 2022-01-04 - The bootrom of iPod Nano 5G was successfully dumped, and is in the process of being reverse-engineered!
  • 2021-12-31 - An exploit named wInd3x, which exploits the latest vulnerability, is being prepared for Nano 4G and Nano 5G.
  • 2021-12-27 - A new vulnerability was discovered in iPod Nano 4G and Nano 5G bootrom, which allows arbitrary code execution!
  • 2018-08-25 - The website software has been updated to MediaWiki 1.31 after about 2 months of downtime.

Follow our Twitter feed to get status updates automatically. See the Status page for more detailed information. Check our SVN activity page for the latest changes to our source code.

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