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Just in case, sorry if I'm posting in inappropriate place. But found topic "discussion" close enough for this question. I have iPod Nano(3g) 3 years or so, after some time I found out it's hard to crack, later that it's close to some iPod Classic (with few details from nano). Now I found out that on SVN in r779 there is emCORE for ipodnano3g. The question is: On which phase of creation is this emCORE or is it functional? (Could you give at least general answer to question: How long it will take to finish it?)

Thanks a lot! Sorry for trouble.

The nano 3g port is so broken at the moment, there is no code that have been run on this device so far (except an SRAM iBugger from DFU mode, which can't do much). The next step is to write init code for the bigger SDRAM. As you can see on Status, some drivers have not been written yet. --User890104 15:39, 10 November 2011 (UTC)
Thanks, but it's bad, I hoped it's on some better stage of development. :D It's quite good as it is, but I'd prefer to upload music through normal means *(not itunes or mediamonkey.