Nano 3G

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Label Component Part Markings Notes
2 CPU Samsung S5L8702 337S3473 8702, NONBWOEC, 0731 ARM ARM926EJ-S processor. The package itself is Apple-branded and marked 337S3473 8702.
3 SDRAM K4X56163PI or Qimonda HYE18M169CX75 0728, C, HYE18M256, 169CX75, W3338092 SDRAM - Mobile DDR, 256Mb, 1.8V. WORK ON THIS: Like the flash chip, the memory also varies. The most popular chip seems to be the K4X56163PI. Another similar one that is sometimes used is the Qimonda HYE18M169CX75
5 Utility Flash SST25VF080B V80B, 729379 Flash - NOR, 8Mb, Serial SPI
6 NAND Flash Varies Samsung 728, K9HCG08U5M, PCB0, FCF285X1
1 Audio codec WM1870 APPLE, 338S0462, 76BZKTM
4 Power manager D1671B 338S0408, 07258HAH

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