Nano 3G

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Nano 3g frt a.png Nano 3g bck a.png


Component Label Part Markings Notes
CPU 2 Samsung S5L8702 ARM926EJ-S processor. The package itself is Apple-branded and marked 337S3473 8702.
SDRAM 3 K4X56163PI or Qimonda HYE18M169CX75 WORK ON THIS: Like the flash chip, the memory also varies. The most popular chip seems to be the K4X56163PI. Another similar one that is sometimes used is the Qimonda HYE18M169CX75
Utility Flash 5 SST25VF080B Like the other SST chips, this one is also extremely well documented.
NAND Flash 6 Varies
Audio codec 1 WM1870
Power manager 4 D1671B

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