Nano 3G

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Nano 3g frt a.png Nano 3g bck a.png


Label Component Part Markings Notes
2 CPU Samsung S5L8702 337S3473 8702, NONBWOEC, 0731 ARM ARM926EJ-S processor. The package itself is Apple-branded and marked 337S3473 8702.
3 SDRAM K4X56163PI or Qimonda HYE18M169CX75 0728, C, HYE18M256, 169CX75, W3338092 SDRAM - Mobile DDR, 256Mb, 1.8V. WORK ON THIS: Like the flash chip, the memory also varies. The most popular chip seems to be the K4X56163PI. Another similar one that is sometimes used is the Qimonda HYE18M169CX75
5 Utility Flash SST25VF080B V80B, 729379 Flash - NOR, 8Mb, Serial SPI
6 NAND Flash Varies Samsung 728, K9HCG08U5M, PCB0, FCF285X1
1 Audio codec WM1870 APPLE, 338S0462, 76BZKTM
4 Power manager D1671B 338S0408, 07258HAH

SPI NOR Test Pads

Test pads are available on the back of the board to access SCK, MISO and CS between the SoC and the NOR utility flash. MOSI is also present, but is buried in an internal layer (second from back) which can be accessed by carefully scraping off the top FR4 using a sharp tool, or by using a tiny carbide bit on a milling machine.

N3g-spi-nor.png N3g-spi-nor-zoom.png

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