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** [[iLoader testing results]]
** [[iLoader testing results]]
* [[iBugger]]
* [[iBugger]]
* [[emBIOS]]
** [[emBIOS Monitor Protocol]]
===Basic skills===
===Basic skills===
* [[Working with binaries]]
* [[Working with binaries]]

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iBugger on the 4G Nano

This is the wiki for the Linux4nano project. Linux4nano has a fairly active IRC channel, #linux4nano-dev on Freenode for development related discussion. Please save questions and comments for #linux4nano. There is a project homepage and a mailing list, but these two are rarely updated.


  • 2010/08/05 - Recently we've been working on a hardware abstraction project called emBIOS. Follow development here: http://bit.ly/cQAuam
  • 2010/08/03 - We can now access the Nano 4G accelerometer.
  • 2010/08/02 - serpilliere managed to decrypt the NOR flash on the Nano 3G.
  • 2010/08/01 - serpilliere managed to access and dump the NOR flash on the Nano 3G. This code could possibly work on the Classics.
  • 2010/07/27 - The server got zapped by lightning but a new one was up and running within a day.
  • 2010/02/23 - We can now execute code on everything besides the Nano 5G! Minimalistic iBugger working on Nano 3G!
  • 2009/11/01 - iBugger core v0.1 successfully running on Nano 4G! [1]
  • 2009/10/26 - USB now (somewhat) functional on Nano 4G via iBugger! This will be used instead of UART to dump memories.

Follow our Twitter feed to get status updates automatically. See the Status page for more detailed information.

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