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This is just a basic comparison of each generation's main components. For a detailed hardware analysis of a generation, click on it's link.

Generation CPU RAM size Utility flash size
Nano 1G PP5021C-TDF K4M56163PG 32MB SST39WF400A 512kB
Nano 2G S5L8701 K4M56163PG 32MB SST39WF800A 1MB
Nano 3G S5L8702 K4X56163PI 32MB SST25VF080B 1MB
Nano 4G S5L8720 Integrated 32MB ? ?
Nano 5G S5L8730 Integrated ? ? ?
"Nano" 6G S5L8723 ? ? ? ?
Classic 1G S5L8702 K4X56163PI 64MB SST25VF080B 1MB
Classic 2G S5L8702 K4X56163PI 64MB SST25VF080B 1MB
Classic 3G S5L8702 K4X56163PI 64MB SST25VF080B 1MB

Concerning the detailed generation pages:

  • If you can prove or disprove any of these chip names, please let us know on the mailing list.
  • The sources for the original and annotated PCB scans can found at http://l4n.clustur.com/data/board_imgs.

Helpful pages

Chip analyses