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This is just a basic comparison of each generation's main components. For a detailed hardware analysis of a generation, click on it's link.

Generation SoC RAM NOR/Utility Flash Codename UpdaterFamilyID
Nano 1G PP5021C-TDF K4M56163PG (32MiB) SST39WF400A (512KiB)
Nano 2G S5L8701 K4M56163PG (32MiB) SST39WF800A (1MiB)
Nano 3G S5L8702 K4X56163PI (32MiB) SST25VF080B (1MiB) N46 26
Nano 4G S5L8720 Integrated (32MiB) none N58 31
Nano 5G S5L8730 Integrated (64MiB) none N33 34
Nano 6G S5L8723 Integrated none N20 36
Nano 7G S5L8740 Integrated (64MiB) none N31 37
Classic 1G S5L8702 K4X56163PI (64MiB) SST25VF080B (1MiB)
Classic 2G S5L8702 K4X56163PI (64MiB) SST25VF080B (1MiB)
Classic 3G S5L8702 K4X51163PE (64MiB) SST25VF080B (1MiB)

Concerning the detailed generation pages: If you can prove or disprove any of these chip names, please let us know: Contact

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