EmCORE Installation/iPodClassic/PrepareDFULinux

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  • Connect the iPod to the computer, using the usb data cable.
  • Make sure the hold switch is turned off
  • Press and HOLD the Menu+Select buttons for about 15 seconds. At first the iPod might start, if its not started already. Second it will reboot (emCORE/emBIOS/iLoader) will show-up, keep holding the Menu+Select buttons untill the screen goes all dark.
  • Download [1] and [2] or use a fresh copy of the svn tree to obtain the tools/ipoddfu folder.
  • Download "bootstrap-ipodclassic.dfu" file from the emCORE Releases page and store it.
  • Run: 'sudo python ipoddfu.py bootstrap-ipodclassic.dfu'

Your iPod should now turn on and connect a 64MB drive called "UMSboot". It's a known issue that Linux might take a long (over 10 min) time to recognize and mount the iPod. If it doesn't (after waiting very long), please ask for support.