EmCORE Installation/iPodClassic/PrepareDFULinux

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  • Make sure that you have python 2.6 or 2.7, libusb and pyusb >=1.0.0a0 installed
  • Download [1] and [2] or check out our SVN
  • Download "bootstrap-ipodclassic.dfu" file from the emCORE Releases page and store it in the same folder
  • Connect the iPod to the computer
  • Make sure the hold switch is turned off
  • Press and hold the menu and select buttons for about 12 seconds. It will start to reboot after 5 seconds, but keep holding the buttons until it seems to power off completely.
  • Run: 'sudo python ipoddfu.py bootstrap-ipodclassic-*.dfu' (If you have multiple python versions installed, make sure that you're using version 2.6 or 2.7 and that pyusb is installed into that version)

Your iPod should now turn on and display "UMSboot." If you run 'sudo fdisk -l' a 64 MB drive will appear without partitions, for example /dev/sdb. Next create a mount point e.g. 'mkdir -p /media/disk' and mount the disk without specifying a file type, e.g. 'sudo mount /dev/sdX /media/disk' where X is the drive letter from the previous step. It's a known issue that Linux might take a long (over 10 min) time to recognize and mount the iPod. If it doesn't (after waiting very long), please ask for support.