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This wiki was started in order to collect all information about the linux4nano project, whether that be on the IRC, website, or mailing list, and compile it all into a convenient and organized location. Please feel free to add/edit information (it is a wiki after all).

Please keep in mind that this wiki is for the purpose of cracking the iPod encryption. While we want to find out as much about the iPod as we can, we need to try to keep only information relevant to cracking the iPod in the wiki. This keeps the wiki informative, but still concise. Also, when editing the wiki, please be sure to include sources (for plagiarism, but mostly for convenience).

Also, speculation is good! Since this is an ongoing project, some things might not be known for sure. Even still, it is important to put speculation in this wiki to keep ideas flowing. Just make sure you mark speculation by using a question mark or something.