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Hello,i write this to tell you that the no.5 chip on the nano4 board should be a display ic,i have removed this ic and the wires under it connects to the lcd jack..sorry for my poor english

Thanks for the correction. If you still have the iPod open, could you give me the markings on the #3 chip? I haven't found any scans that are detailed enough. cmwslw 0:17, 31 June 2010 (UTC)

Hello,I checked the nano4 board again just now,and the wires under NO.5 connects both to LCD jack and Earphone jack..(I'm sure,they are not the GND pins,so maybe NO.5 is a multimedia chip?...) And...I can't find out the detail about NO.3 chip,it don't connect to LCD or earphone(maybe due to the broken board). I also took two photos(nano4 board with all chips removed),but the quality is low,the only camera i can use is 3GS... I have many broken ipod boards, if you have any problems about chips on them,send message to me~I can dump them and take photos... Here are the link:

Board Back 01e1e35641a4b8fde7822545b20c6a5c.jpg

Board Front bb99569adee431472c299026bd8a0136.jpg

Dumped CPU fa8d051d5d2b1f50be46428010d73512.jpg