Nano 6G

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Nano 6g frt a.png Nano 6g bck a.png


Label Component Part Markings Notes
Red NAND Flash Toshiba TH58NVG6E2FLA4C
Cyan Apple 33850859 C0E111022
Orange Apple 338S0783-B1 10298HLS
Yellow 0650 D0UY 027
Blue Apple 339S0104 YGC7 1031 K4X51323P1 YRF 020A3 ARM N2HXHZMP 4 1031
Pink 35758907 1025 A 04 629749


The "Nano" 6G is something entirely new, that doesn't seem to have much in common with the older generations of the Nano series. We don't yet know how this device works and if we want to do something with it at all. The red and black cables lead to the battery.

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