Nano 5G

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Label Component Part Markings Notes
2 CPU Samsung S5L8730 339S0081 ARM, K4X51323PG-UGC6, EDE168AG 0928, APL0378A00, N1X2XW 0931 Printed backwards on the chip - how sneaky.
SDRAM Integrated into the processor, similar to the iPod Touch and iPhone lines.
8 NAND Flash Various 8/16 GB chips TH58NVG6D2ELA49, ID8038, TAIWAN, 09299AE One example is TH58NVG6D2ELA49 visible on the iFixit Teardown
1 Power manager Probably Dialog 338S0707, -AD, 09278HGZ Similar looking and named chips like this have been power managers. Apple uses chips like these in just about every device.
5 Audio codec Cirrus Logic CLI1480A 338S0559, ATWV0926, SGP Also found in the Touch 3G. Stereo CODEC w/ Headphone and Speaker Amp
6 Accelerometer LIS331DLM 33DM, 2910 The newer Touch's, iPhone's, and even the iPad have similar accelerometers, and I've discovered a pattern in the chip names.
7 0630, CK9Y, 925

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