Nano 2G

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Label Component Part Markings Notes
1 CPU Samsung S5L8701 337S32918701, N042DQS, 0636 ARM System On Chip (SoC), includes ARM940T central processor, advanced DSP, 50kB boot ROM, 176kB SRAM, external RAM, flash and LCD controllers, USB(1.1-host; 2.0-function) and some other parts. Package: 232-pin FBGA 10x10mm or 224/226-pin 9x9mm. Similar chips: SA58700X07. Some documentation available for the S5L series can be found here. The processor itself is Apple-branded and marked 337S3291 8701.
2 SDRAM Samsung K4M56163PG SEC 637 GG75, K4M56163PG, AQH373P1 here is the datasheet. This is the same chip used in the Nano 1G. Sometimes the Qimonda HYE18L256 chip is used instead.
3 Utility Flash SST39WF800A SST39WF800A, 90-4C-C2QE, 0631287-A stores Disk Mode, Diagnostic Mode and the code to flash this chip. Tof has managed to extract this data and the dump can be obtained by emailing Emmanuel Fleury. All of the contents in the utility flash chip are encrypted from now on.
N/A DSP N/A N/A Doesn't seem to be present at all.
B1 NAND Flash Varies TOSHIBA P11023, JAPAN 0636 KAE, TP0560, TH58NVG5D4CTG20
6 USB charging LTC4066 Linear Technology, 6H, 4066, B8966
5 Audio codec Wolfson WM8975 APPLE, 338S0310, 68BTST8
4 Step down regulator LM34910 National Semiconductor, JM66RJ, L34910B
B2 Power manager (below) NXP PCF50633UM APPLE, 338S0261, P29T6 04, cPG0637Y, 01/N2

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