Nano 1G

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Label Component Part Markings Notes
4 CPU Portal Player PP5021C-TDF PP5021C-TDF, L9A0633, U0530 Logo, WYH30113.1, TAIWAN This is the last Nano that used a PortalPlayer processor before Apple started using Samsung. If anybody knows of a datasheet for this, please add a link to it.
5 SDRAM Samsung K4M56163PG SEC534 BG75, K4M56163PG, AQF061WX A datasheet for this Mobile SDRAM chip can be found here.
10 Utility Flash SST39WF400A SST39WF400A, 90-4C-C1QE, 0528149A This chip is documented very well. A similar chip is on the Nano 2G.
1 NAND Flash Varies
2 Click wheel controller CY8C21434 CPMCYP, 6360A 02, K0R0512, 610881
3 ATA flash disk controller SST5SLD019K Logo, 55LD019K, 45-C-MWE, 0528071-A4
6 Audio codec WM8975G WM8975G, 56AGVF4
7 Step down regulator LM34910 JM54RE, 34910SD
8 Power manager PCF50607 CF50607, 605940, Bug528, 23e/N1Y
9 USB charging LTC4066 Logo, 5F, 4066, N7537

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