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=== 2G hacking and unencrypted firmware analysis ===
=== 2G hacking and unencrypted firmware analysis ===
[[Nano2G getting exec]]
[[Getting execution]]
[[iBugger Loader]]
==iPod Hardware==
==iPod Hardware==
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[[Hardware annotation]]
[[Hardware annotation]]
[[Nano2G%2BHW%2Banalysis]] and [[S5L8701 analysis]]
[[2G analysis]] and [[S5L8701 analysis]]

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This is the wiki page for the Linux4nano project. Here is the project homepage, and here is a link to the project's mailing list. Linux4nano also has a fairly active IRC channel, #linux4nano-dev @ irc.freenode.net. IRC logs are located here. The iPhone Wiki is an excellent resource to use when researching, because much of the hardware and software aspects are similar to that of the iPod.

Feel free to add information and make changes! This is a wiki after all. Just make sure you are logged in before you try to edit.

This wiki


iPod Firmware


Dumping firmware

Extracting firmware

Disassembling bootrom

Disassembling firmware




Bootstrapping sequence

Firmware encryption

2G hacking and unencrypted firmware analysis

Getting execution

iBugger Loader

iPod Hardware


Hardware annotation

2G analysis and S5L8701 analysis