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Nano 3G EFI

List of EFI protocol GUIDs found in the Nano 3G EFI
GUID Description
<0x3D4AA229, 0xB4E3, 0x4FD9, 0xEA90C99E, 0x3E832381> GUID at DxeD1671 +0x103C, registered at DxeD1671 +0x6F6, interface (at DxeD1671 +0xFAC):
  • +0 pmu_read(void *this, char reg, unsigned int size, void *data);
  • +4 pmu_write(void *this, char reg, unsigned int size, void *data);
<0x869D50FA, 0x2C74, 0x44D3, 0xEEEE0582, 0x76994CBF> GUID at Cpu +0x8E0, registered at Cpu +0x37C, interface (at Cpu +0x894):
  • +0 int disable_MMU_and_Caches(void* this);
  • +4 int enable_MMU_and_Caches(void* this);
<0x26BACCB1, 0x6F42, 0x11D4, 0x8000E7BC, 0x81883CC7> GUID at Cpu +0x8C4, registered at Cpu +0x37C, interface (at Cpu +0x89C):


<0xE49D33ED, 0x513D, 0x4634, 0x556F98B6, 0x1B1C75AA> GUID at DxeSmbus +0x6D8, registered at DxeSmbus +0x404, interface (at DxeSmbus +0x6BC):


<0x26BACCB2, 0x6F42, 0x11D4, 0x8000E7BC, 0x81883CC7> GUID at S5L8900Metronome +0x4FC, registered at S5L8900Metronome +0x246, interface (at S5L8900Metronome +0x4F4):


<0xD15BFD46, 0x954C, 0x478D, 0xA5, 0x4C, 0x36, 0xD4, 0xD8, 0xCD, 0xB0, 0xD0> GUID at Nand +0xA5F4, registered at Nand +0x3F6, interface is emtpy:

used by BDS to detect NAND (as it doesn't access it's BlockIO interface directly)

<0x964e5b21, 0x6459, 0x11d2, {0x8e, 0x39, 0x0, 0xa0, 0xc9, 0x69, 0x72, 0x3b}> GUID at Nand +0xA5D4, registered at Nand +0x3F6, interface (at Nand +0x84E8):


<0x9576e91, 0x6d3f, 0x11d2, {0x8e, 0x39, 0x0, 0xa0, 0xc9, 0x69, 0x72, 0x3b}> GUID at Nand +0xA5E4, registered at Nand +0x3F6, interface (at Nand +0x8508):

EFI_DEVICE_PATH_PROTOCOL as VENDOR_DEVICE_PATH GUID: <0xEEE84FD3, 0xD696, 0x4DCF, 0x94, 0x15, 0xF8, 0x21, 0xA4, 0, 0x72, 0x6E>

Nano 4G EFI

This is a list of all GUIDs found in various Apple code that we've analyzed so far
GUID Source Description
<0x3FD4147F, 0xAF65, 0x49B0, 0x78CE098, 0x8BC1132B> Nano4G EFI DisplayPlatform:40030540
<0x4EEECD0C, 0xAE61, 0x4977, 0xBE3AA2AA, 0x12004FC2> Nano4G EFI Timer:40020488
<0x144D4ACA, 0x93EF, 0x47E4, 0xCAB686A4, 0x81D57EF9> Nano4G EFI Lcd:40090620
<0x487E8E93, 0xEF97, 0x4E77, 0x3E1628A4, 0x625F7170> Nano4G EFI DisplayPlatform:40030540
<0xC4FE7984, 0xC067, 0x4179, 0x857A288, 0x6516C7B4> Nano4G EFI NandReadOnly:400C6324,NandReadWrite:4063B84C
<0xD5406504, 0x2822, 0x4AF7, 0xEA7127AB, 0x4D1E0EE9> Nano4G EFI NandReadOnly:400C6334,NandReadWrite:4063B85C
<0x5B7F52C8, 0xF548, 0x4964, 0xE49205B3, 0xAA5BA56> Nano4G EFI DxeD1759:40081224
<0xE22D7299, 0x8923, 0x4FB6, 0xF79EF081, 0xC5011DF8> Nano4G EFI DxeD1759:4008122C
<0xE9A6AA07, 0x6C26, 0x4643, 0x571BF8A3, 0xDB3C544C> Nano4G EFI DxeD1759:40081250
<0x98AA9B39, 0x1794, 0x448F, 0x789B378B, 0x4B0B499C> Nano4G EFI DxeD1759:40081244
<0x28B7E144, 0xD74D, 0x46B1, 0xF5689495, 0xC9777C25> Nano4G EFI DxeD1759:40081210
<0xEB86F814, 0x80F7, 0x4EEC, 0x606824AA, 0x55A94602> Nano4G EFI DxeD1759:40081204
<0xDBFDB08, 0xB500, 0x4996, 0x1E4F959A, 0x934D2> Nano4G EFI DxeD1759:40081214
<0x3D4AA229, 0xB4E3, 0x4FD9, 0xEA90C99E, 0x3E832381> Nano4G EFI DxeD1759:40081234
<0xBD9A3AB2, 0x3A5C, 0x4CED, 0x2C4060B6, 0x21980D72> Nano4G EFI DxeD1759:40081200
<0x5CF6E3E, 0x458D, 0x4401, 0xC3D689B, 0xFD08109> Nano4G EFI DxeD1759:40081208
<0xECCA55D7, 0xEC52, 0x4F13, 0xBC32CBB7, 0x42CEDF0A> Nano4G EFI DxeD1759:4008120C
<0x26BACCB1, 0x6F42, 0x11D4, 0x8000E7BC, 0x81883CC7> (EFI_CPU_ARCH_PROTOCOL_GUID) Nano4G EFI Cpu:400A06EC (Nano4G)
<0x869D50FA, 0x2C74, 0x44D3, 0xEEEE0582, 0x76994CBF> Nano4G EFI Cpu:400A06F4
<0x3A6E3065, 0xCB91, 0x4DB1, 0xEED0E19A, 0x4300999B> Nano4G EFI ClockAndReset:4011191C
<0x1D602E87, 0xC708, 0x4ED3, 0xB0DB4D96, 0x1D2B46B1> Nano4G EFI MemoryAllocator:40190310
<0xE49D33ED, 0x513D, 0x4634, 0x556F98B6, 0x1B1C75AA> (EFI_SMBUS_HC_PROTOCOL) Nano4G EFI Pointers to malloc'ed tables containing DxeSmbus:40130498, DxeSmbus:401303F4, DxeSmbus:4013055C, DxeSmbus:40130564 (registered twice)
<0x487E8E93, 0xEF97, 0x4E77, 0x3E1628A4, 0x625F7170> Nano4G EFI Pointers to malloc'ed tables containing DxeSmbus:401303CC, 3C600000 (bus 0) / DxeSmbus:401303E0, 3C900000 (bus 1)
<0x17A0A3D7, 0xC0A5, 0x4635, 0x2107D5BB, 0xEEE2DF87> Nano4G EFI Gpio:4027031C
<0xE124AC3F, 0x3898, 0x44AA, 0x17E9958A, 0xB244869F> Nano4G EFI Usb:401D02B0
<0xC39B4F3A, 0xF24D, 0x4F8D, 0x82564584, 0x1FC1107F> Nano4G EFI Nand:40150C1C
<0x8708298A, 0xEEB2, 0x475F, 0xBF9EC296, 0x45163472> Nano4G EFI Nand:40150C78
<0xC71EFCAD, 0x7B2E, 0x46D3, 0x4B4420A0, 0xAFEC727F> Nano4G EFI Nand:40150C28
<0xA584D32F, 0x9837, 0x420B, 0x9D312694, 0xFBDBE98C> Nano4G EFI Nand:40150C30
<0x964E5B21, 0x6459, 0x11D2, 0xA000398E, 0x3B7269C9> Nano4G EFI Nand:40150C58
<0x9576E91, 0x6D3F, 0x11D2, 0xA000398E, 0x3B7269C9> Nano4G EFI Nand:40150C9C
<0xD15BFD46, 0x954C, 0x478D, 0xD4364CA5, 0xD0B0CDD8> Nano4G EFI NULL
<0xE8A9E232, 0x1708, 0x476D, 0xB10CDB9A, 0x20D9902E> Nano4G EFI DxeD1759Diagnostic:40310684
<0x618BA6A2, 0x690E, 0x4E7A, 0x1AB2E98E, 0xF865A959> Nano4G EFI DxeD1759Diagnostic:403106A4
<0x3622282D, 0xC57F, 0x4A7A, 0xD137CAAD, 0x2233AF3C> Nano4G EFI Swif:405F02E0

Nano5G EFI

GUID Name Source Function
c8906621-cf6f-ae4d-b750-128e4de659da Aes AES.efi TODO
f63f5e66-cc46-d411-9a38-0090273fc14d Bds BDS.efi TODO
65306e3a-91cb-b14d-9ae1-d0ee9b990043 ClockAndReset ClockAndReset.efi TODO
3909986b-0bc7-794e-b8b5-a6cf0739bc7b AppleImageValidationManager AppleImageValidationManager.efi ValidateInMemory
bdee7fca-5f93-1f4c-b526-446c41360342 SystemConfig SystemConfig.efi TODO
7d6e5cf2-557f-294f-9246-219d80e6282e ROMBootValidator ROMBootValidator.efi GetID
1506464c-224d-894a-8d52-eaf81fe17b29 RestoreDFU RestoreDFU.efi TODO
872e601d-08c7-d34e-964d-dbb0b1462b1d MemoryAllocator MemoryAllocator.efi Unk0
8be1280d-a305-8642-8aa7-defe6884bad0 InterrruptController InterruptController.efi TODO
f0ab54f3-79e1-e841-87a8-f12a52624a23 UsbDeviceController UsbDeviceController.efi TODO
b1ccba26-426f-d411-bce7-0080c73c8881 Cpu Cpu.efi TODO
f0be64f3-7fc8-c04c-a38d-1fdeef1f3168 Sha1 Sha1.efi TODO
f21eeedd-49dc-9947-90e6-4b0c8bd36810 ChipId ChipId.efi GetProductionMode