Classic 1G

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By iPod classic 1g we mean the first iPod released by Apple that had the 'classic' name. It was available in sizes of 80GB and 160GB.


Label Component Part Markings Notes
3 CPU Samsung S5L8702 ARM926EJ-S processor. The package itself is Apple-branded and marked 337S3473 8702. Same as on the Nano 3G
2 SDRAM K4X51163PE
5 Utility Flash SST25VF080B Same as on the Nano 3G
4 Audio codec Cirrus
1 Power manager Probably Dialog? APPLE, 338S0445, 2114.102, ZPD7383Y
6 USB charging LTC4066

Helpful pages


  • TheSeven's broken Classic 1G board (High-res): front back