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PS: If anyone will read this... Is it possible to update the 1G Classic (160GB) to the 2.0.x firmware of the 2G/3G Classic? (I know that the hardware is almost a perfect match.) I think it could be done by getting an image of the HDD of an iPod Classic with the new software and overwrite it to the older one. Has anyone tried this? Can it be done?

Thank You very much for all your work!

Yes, this should be possible and in fact we have done something similar with the 4G. One time we copied the contents of a 8GB Nano 4G and gave it to me to put on my 16GB Nano 4G. It booted fine. But the thing is the Classic 2G has some headphone hardware that the 1G does not, and this could cause a crash when booting or using. We are more interested in copying the Classic 2G firmware to the Classic 3G since the 3G ships with firmware that has the notes vulnerability patched. Cmwslw 05:18, 16 August 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for the quick reply! I know about the headphone difference but I still hope that those really tiny chips that are added on the motherboard of the Classic 2G aren't so important that the OS will crash without them. I believe that porting new features to iPods via the original firmware if possible should also be included in this wiki. I do also understand that porting Rockbox on the new iPods is of higher priority and just hope that someone will find some spare time for this. Wolftail 12:55, 16 August 2010 (UTC)