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This is outdated! This is our rough todo list, not necessarily in any chronological or importance order (or even complete / up to date):

2G Nano

  1. Figure out the FTL - mostly done
  2. Write NAND drivers
  3. Figure out encryption - AES-128-CBC, zero IV (will be needed for when we modify the original firmware dual boot)
  4. Perfect LCD drivers
  5. Figure out the clickwheel drivers
  6. Get audio running - first sound "jippie jihaha"
  7. Figure out the rest of the hardware
  8. libpcap traffic from ipod upgrade and restore in VirtualBox (cmwslw)

4G Nano

  1. Figure out the nand driver and write drivers
  2. Look at the FTL and how it changed from the previous version
  3. Find out how the clickwheel works
  4. Start porting rockbox
  5. Figure out the audio
  6. Understand the power management
  7. Make the piezo work
  8. Get information about the accelerometer


  1. Finish Pwnage 2.0
  2. Fix Bootstrapping sequence
  3. Fix Nano4G firmware upgrade process
  4. Remove the incorrect info
  5. Remove the unnecessary info