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[[Hardware analysis]]
[[Hardware analysis]]
'''If you want to help, best you could do now is visiting:'''
[[Address Bruteforcing]]

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Tethered RB bootloader

This is the wiki page for the Linux4nano project. Here is the project homepage, and here is a link to the project's mailing list. Linux4nano also has a fairly active IRC channel, #linux4nano @ irc.freenode.net. #linux4nano-dev is the channel for developers. IRC logs are located here (password protected). Info about this wiki can be found at the About page.

Status at a glance: 6G SDRAM is dumped and correct return address was found. Now looking at 6.5G and 3G Nano. Also need to work on NAND drivers. > follow our Twitter feed to get status updates automatically. See the Status page for more detailed information.

Todo list

Recent activity

Obtaining firmware

Firmware analysis

Hardware analysis

If you want to help, best you could do now is visiting:

Address Bruteforcing