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emCORE r855 was released on January 1st, 2012.

Release notes / Known issues

  • iPod Classic: Upgrading from emCORE builds before r836 will reformat the hard drive. Rockbox versions before r31455 are incompatible with the new format.
  • The display doesn't work on some iPod Nano 2G devices. If this happens to you, we suggest to stick with iLoader for now.
  • Reducing the CPU core voltage on the iPod Classic has been disabled. Battery life might be adversely affected.
  • There are still some Rockbox USB stability issues. In most cases, replugging/rebooting the iPod helps. This might be fixed in future Rockbox releases.

Fixes / Improvements

  • Includes Rockbox release 3.10 (iPod Nano 2G) / build r31516 (iPod Classic).
  • Lots of internal improvements and bug fixes.
  • iPod Classic: USB stability improvements. This release should work on devices which previously needed the "usbfixcandidate" build.
  • "fastboot" has been integrated into the boot menu.
  • The boot menu is now configurable (default boot option, timeouts, fastboot, backlight brightness, ...).
  • Support for boot menu themes on the data partition has been added (winter theme included).
  • iPod Classic: HDD data endianness has been fixed.
  • emCORE applications can now have command line arguments.
  • emCORE kernel memory size has been reduced.
  • emCORE LCD driver performance has been improved
  • iPod Classic: Use all 262144 colors of the LCD, not just 65536.
  • iPod Nano 2G: Fix LCD not being cleared properly on shutdown in certain situations.
  • Fix wrong maximum packet sizes in USB descriptors.


iPod Nano 2G

iPod nano 2g builds taken down due to some problems with booting the original firmware. Stay tuned for another update.

iPod Classic

If your hard drive didn't get wiped after updating from an official release, please get in touch with us. Weird stuff is happening here.